The secret to weight loss is tucked in your genes

The magic of permanant sustainable weightloss is  hidden in regimentation of ones life style.

Healthy eating habits which inccorporate small portion sizes of the right kind of foods and exercise.

This is one of the only weight loss program of its kind in which we guarantee your weight loss.One must understand that no two individuals are the same thus we creat a personalized plan for each patient joining the program.

At Fremont laser med spa our emphasis is on empowering you with the right tools to reach your wellness goals .

The program helps you with the following——

  • ::Access and help you reach your goals.
  • :: You get personalized plan.
  • ::You must come to the clinic for a full check up once a week .
  • ::During your weekly visit we check your blood pressur,weight,pulse ,urinetest and give you a long acting b/12 shot.
  • :: The program helps you to have more energy.
  • ::You also get to know about our fat liquefying lasers ( i-lipo,illumiwave,Arasys , etc ). Here you get all the support you need.

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