How Does i-Lipo Give Almost Surgical Results?


i-Lipo uses a FDA approved technology that targets specific parts of your body where fat has built up. The treatments are generally 20-30 minutes long, but the key is to include some cardio the same day at your earliest convenience. The laser treatment liquefies the fat content in the cell and through ones natural excretion system one expels the fat.

One can get results similar to liposuction without the down time. Stars across the country are flocking to do the treatment.

This recent article shows how Jessica Alba Gets Rid Of ‘Stubborn Fat’ With Laser Liposuction!

How comfortable is i-Lipo ?

Generally one is reading, sleeping or texting while under the laser. i-Lipo is so comfortable that there is only minor sensation to the body once the pads are placed in position.

This is truly non invasive, there are no needles, no cuts, no bruises.

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Is it suitable for everyone?

Most people can utilize i-Lipo. i-Lipo is not used on the breast and certain people with certain medical condition should not use i-Lipo. The laser can be used by both men and women.

i-Lipo is a safe and effective laser. Visit to get more information.

How safe is it?

Independent clinical studies to date have shown i-Lipo to be absolutely safe and effective. The body goes through a natural process to lose the weight and inches. There is absolutely zero damage to ones cells. The only thing that actually happens to the cells is that its size shrinks to look like a raisin.

Are the results permanent?

In order to have sustainable inch /weight loss over a prolonged period of time, one must maintain a healthy life style which consists of a healthy diet accompanied by an exercise regiment.

How soon i can see results?

There is an improvement with each treatment. One can lose 5 – 35 inches overall. One must do the entire sessions of recommended treatments to obtain dramatic results.


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