About Us

Our Mission

The MOST IMPORTANT people in the clinic are the patients we serve.
Patient interest is our top priority and we conduct ourselves in the most ethical manner.

Our Medical Staff

Our staff is highly trained in a culture of warmth, friendliness, and customer service. Making you look good and feel good is what we are there for.

Dr. James Kojian, M.D., Owner

This is a medical corporation.
Dr. H. James Kojian, M.D. is not only a Physician and a Surgeon but is also a certified Anti-Aging and Longevity Expert who offers amazing results using F.D.A approved treatments. Dr. Kojian has extensive aesthetic training in the use of botox, restylane, collagen and mesotherapy. Additionally, Dr. Kojian has extensive training in the use of lasers and skin resurfacing modalities to create beautiful smooth skin. He is certified as a physician who specializes in Botox, Restylane, and laser treatments and has been performing these procedures for many years.

The benefits of looking our best not only make us feel better on the outside, it also gives us more confidence. Please come in and see us. We want to help you find the person you want to see when you look in the mirror.


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