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iLipo Groupon Special

One, Two, or Three iLipo Fat Reduction for Face, Jawline, Chin, or Cheeks at Fremont Laser Med Spa (Up to 72% Off)

ilipo face groupon

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Choose from Three Options

  • $99 for one iLipo face treatment (a $350 value)
  • $225 for two iLipo face treatments (a $700 value)
  • $349 for three iLipo face treatments (a $1,050 value)

During the procedure, a licensed professional uses a series of noninvasive, laser-emitting pads to target fat deposits on the face. The laser light in the pads perforates the fat cells, causing the contents to disperse and be metabolized through exercise and the body’s natural pathways. Typically in two or three sessions patients will see a more defined jawline and chiseled cheeks, but more treatments may be required depending on personal expectations.

Want more  information about iLipo services? Our website has tons of videos and articles about the procedure.

i-Lipo Treatment ( limited time offer )


We all have an image of what our bodies could be with a little less fat in problem areas. Today’s deal offers i-Lipo, an FDA-cleared laser treatment that can help you realize that vision.

  • $89 ($350 value) for one i-Lipo treatment
  • $139 ($700 value) for two treatments
  • $259 ($1,400 value) for four treatments
  • $515 ($2,800 value) for eight treatments
  • Now offering Saturday and Sunday appointments to accommodate your busy schedule

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i-Lipo: The Intelligent Alternative to Liposuction

Excess fat is a common problem among many people. One of the common complaints is that diet and exercise does not work as well as they hoped. As a result, many resort to procedures such as fat burning pills, or liposuction. The problem is, liposuction is a complex procedure. The good news is that there is an alternative to liposuction. This alternative is called i-Lipo. This liposuction alternative is gaining more popularity by the day. There are many good reasons for this as well.

How i-Lipo works is that it uses a technique which is clinically proven. This process involves stimulating the body’s natural process of burning fat. This involves the use of low level laser energy. Areas where there have been a build up of excess fat are targeted.

The lasers will trigger signals in the areas of the body depending on where it is placed. The signal causes the fat cells to break down stored sources called triglycerides. They then become fatty acids that the body can use for energy. One major advantage to i-Lipo is that it does not damage any tissue in the area that it is used. It is also a painless process which achieves great results in a short amount of time. The best part is that this can be achieved with virtually no side effects.

photo-body-wrap-1While using i-Lipo by itself is a great way to burn fat, there are other things that you can do to help the process. For instance, you can partake in physical activity. Also, it is important that you consume a diet that is rich in nutrients. Avoiding junk food can go a long way in preserving physical health. I-Lipo is known to achieve fast results.


People who use i-Lipo can reduce the size of their waistline by 24cm. You can set up an appointment by calling Fremont Laser Med Spa at 510-744-1582 and book your free consultation!

i-Lipo for Body or Face – Amazon Local


Get i-Lipo treatments for the body and face from Fremont Laser Med Spa. This FDA-cleared laser treatment can offer help for reducing those areas of stubborn fat.

Treatments for the body:

  • $89 ($350 value) for one
  • $139 ($700 value) for two
  • $259 ($1,400 value) for four
  • $515 ($2,800 value) for eight

Treatments for the face:

  • $99 ($350 value) for one
  • $225 ($700 value) for two
  • $349 ($1,050 value) for three
  • $699 ($2,100 value) for six

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iLipo – Non Surgical Treatment

The iLipo non surgical treatment helps you to achieve the following:

  1. Overall definition on the double chin area.
  2. Melts puffy cheeks by giving you more chiseled model look.
  3. Definition of the entire jaw line.
  4. In most cases you start to get the youthful triangle which is the sign of beauty.
  5. Facial contouring.
  6. Total rejuvenation of the face

The results are amazing without liposuction style surgery. In most cases one starts to see a difference in 2-3 treatments, one may require more treatments based on their personal circumstances and expectations. The laser treatment lasts for 20 minutes, followed by a massage of the treated area with a suction massager for 5 minutes.

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